Trendy Living Room Decorative Style Recommendations by Nicola Perez

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“To be trendy, just be yourself”. This is the secret solution to achieve satisfying solutions in your coming remodel or your new home décor according to Nicola Perez of Nicola Interiors who says:” There is nothing more comforting than living in a home that is styled to your taste and reflects your personality”. If you still need to discover the most appealing decorative styles for you, just keep reading the article and enjoy.

Every time you decide to remodel your living room, you say, this time will be different. If you really need a different recommendation with luxurious and adventurous features, the Moroccan style can be a suitable choice.

You can incorporate a few features of such a style using natural stone or terra cotta tiles, blown glass vases, rich fabrics with vibrant accent colors such as royal blue, yellow, red, and jade green, mosaic tiles, and certainly authentic Moroccan textures. You can simply purchase wooden hand carved furniture upholstered with natural fabrics and jewel-toned throw pillows to bring the Moroccan flair directly to your home.

In your traditional living room, the casual style will add a warm and dramatic look using light to medium toned wood, large furniture pieces, and eclectic fabrics and patterns. If you love the rich and antique furniture, luxurious materials such as porcelain, marble, and crystal, and soft colored pallet with rich accents, the formal traditional style is your perfect option.

If you love the neutral colors, clean look, and simple furniture pieces, both of the modern and minimalist styles will be your perfect options. The industrial style will let you use exposed brick and beamed ceiling along with metallic accents to create a sense of balance in the place. In other cases, you can choose mid-century modern, Scandinavian, bohemian, country, Italian, French, transitional, rustic, shabby chic, Hollywood glam, or coastal styles as per your personal preferences. Here are a few photos to help you choose the perfect decorative style from Nicola’s projects.
Trendy Living Room Decorative Style Recommendations by Nicola Perez

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