Living Carattere: Sophisticated and Minimal Spaces Designed for Urban Lifestyle

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An open plan living inside the urban apartment is quickly becoming the norm and today’s kitchens and dining space are no longer hidden away and detached from the living space aesthetic. This obviously means furniture and design solutions now need to be more fluid and dynamic – linking multiple spaces visually even while bringing diverse functionality. It is precisely this idea that is the driving force behind Living Carattere designed by Vuesse. Complementing the refined Carattere series of kitchens from Scavolini, these ultra-minimal living spaces blend aesthetics, ergonomics and space-saving flair with plenty of finesse!

Stylish and space-savvy living room composition with LED strip lighting

As is the case with most living room and kitchen compositions from Scavolini in the last 12 months, Carattere also relies heavily on the Fluida Wall System to create a wide range of spatial solutions. Adding to storage capacity of this open shelving system are bespoke, wall-mounted cabinets and storage units that also double as stylish entertainments hubs which complete your TV wall. LED strip lighting, smart floating shelves and large credenza-styled contemporary units complete a living room idea that effortlessly flows into the kitchen and the dining space.

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Minimal and ultra-stylish Living Carattere from Scavolini
LED strip lights and wood bring warmth to the living room display
Elegant and contemporary living room composition that interacts with the kitchen
Open shelving units coupled with cabinets with glass doors for the living room display
Smart and sleek TV unit and storage cabinet sits at the heart of the new living space

The minimal, wall-mounted design of these storage units, floating shelves and cabinets ensures that even the tiniest living room can be instantly transformed into a cheerful and efficient setting. It also frees up precious square footage, giving the room a more spacious visual appeal. Available in a wide range of finishes and hues, each Carattere composition promises to be unique and exactly what you need!

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Combine the living room, dining and kitchen aesthetically with the Carattere Collection
Custom cabinets and shelving units shape a more curated living space
Minimal gray storage units fit in effortlessly in every room
Carattere kitchen matches the aesthetics of the living composition

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