32 Comfortable Reading Chairs To Help You Get Lost In Your Literary World

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A spot in the sun with a relaxing read is a simple and timeless happiness. Lovers of literature know that some time alone – with a great book – can sometimes be the best medicine. Find an extra comfy, contemporary chair for your library with our selection of thirty-two top-of-the-line reading seats. Ranging from plush outdoor loungers, to structured slingbacks, velvet-covered beauties, stylish leathered chaises and fold-away futons, they each allow you to lean back and learn in your individually-preferred reading position. Take advantage of our list to find the perfect partner for your reading sessions, in a variety of styles and colour-ways.

Buy It: $890  

Newton Chaise: Available in a range of colours, this comfy block sofa-for-one takes discomforts out of reading time.

Buy It: $1,380  

Round Snuggle Chair: Find armrests get in the way of a good cuddle? Create a reading space for two in this circular design.

Buy It: $190  

Vivon Foam Lounge Chair: Three layers of foam support your back, in this supremely-comfortable cushioned seat.

Buy It: $330  

Coaster Contemporary Chaise Lounge: Bring Miami Vice into your living area, with this white leather lounger underneath your bones.

Buy It: $280  

Relax-A-Lounger: A beach-style lounger in a stylish, charcoal sofa? The two co-exist in this lounger complete with plug holes.

Buy It: $829  

Saarinen-Style Womb Chair: Hand-stitched in cashmere, this luxurious piece with matching ottoman adds glamour to your library.

Buy It: $889  

Wegner Wing Chair Replica: A stunning wingback shape and ottoman give this charcoal reading chair the edge over competition.

Buy It: $875  

Kardiel Cub Chair: This mustard cub chair is cut from the cloth of Scandinavian ingenuity. Angled backwards to achieve the perfect distribution of weight, it’s been famous since the ‘50’s for a reason.

Buy It: $720  

Eames-Style Lounge Chair & Ottoman: Leather and wood in Eames-style layers create a stylish comfort for the bachelor’s library.

Buy It: $2,873  

Husk Chair Replica: Mimic the smooth curves of a coconut husk in this chair and ottoman in olive green.

Buy It: $599  

LC4 Lounge-Style Chair: Top grain Italian leather on a chrome frame makes this nifty seat a cut above the rest.

Buy It: $515  

Longa Chaise Lounge: This simple execution supports the natural curve of your body, beside your pool or garden.

Buy It: $264  

Chaise Lounge: This French-inspired chaise longue hides a storage space under its diamante-studded seat.

Buy It: $170  

Grant Featherston-Style Contour Wing Chair: Mid-Century flair comes in four colours with this artsy piece. A matching ottoman and contrasting buttons add pizzazz.

Buy It: $1,365  

Wegner Teddy Bear-Style Chair & Ottoman: Wood pops out of this Teddy Bear chair’s arms, legs, and ottoman. Make your library a little different as you stealthily turn the pages.

Buy It: $466  

Belham Living Matthias Mid-Century Modern Chair & Ottoman: A slightly-deeper seat makes for added leaning in this dusky grey set.

Buy It: $411  

Mid-Century Modern-Style Reading Chair: A classic booth style with soft cushioning makes this the perfect pair for your latest read.

Buy It: $1,482  

Risom Rocker Chair: Rock away your final pages with this pumpkin-hued holder supporting your weight.

Buy It: $265  

Butterfly Sling Chair: Brown leather adorns this butterfly, an easy-to-move and easy-to-read on, practical find.

Buy It: $992  

Wegner-Style Ox Chair: A touch of baby blue with unusual detailing is an alluring location for bedtime stories.

Buy It: $82  

FST 16 Rocking Reading Chair: A black and wood beauty in polyester cotton, this rocking chair makes the antique unique. A cotton sling holds extra pens, paper and your mobile phone.

Buy It: $72  

FST 15 Rocking Reading Chair: A birch veneer with removable cotton makes this rocker stylish and trend-savvy.

Buy It: $184  

Rattan Papasan Chair With Cushion: Inject a relaxed vibe in your living room with this easily-movable, cane-crafted design.

Buy It: $70  

Merax Foldable Lounge Chair: This comfortable chair can act as a roll-out bed for guests after book club.

Buy It: $110  

Merax 360 Foldable Chair: This clever find rotates 360 degrees around the bookshelf – and folds away for easy storage.

Buy It: $356  

Tilt Adjustable Chaise Lounger: A reader’s dream in white, this chaise lifts up or down to suit your favourite reading position.

Buy It: $119  

Vivon Comfort Foam Chair: A black bubble design provides foamy ridges for feet, arms, and a few extra reads.

Buy It: $399  

Curved Velvet Reading Chair: Make your library a 40’s-style den, with this velvet reading chair and ottoman in plush purple.

Buy It: $799  

Barcelona Chair Replica & Ottoman: Three leather-quilted squares form a stylish seat on a stainless steel frame.

Buy It: $565  

Kolton Chair: Come the closest to a triangle a reading chair can go, in this grey-quilted addition to your reading room.

Buy It: $76  

Outdoor Reading Chair: A G-force frame acts as both arm rests and chair legs, in this fold-away design perfect by the pool.

Buy It: $209  

Ergonomic Beach Lounger: With three detachable pillows and a massage-worthy face inlet, this ergonomic beach lounger offers a different way to read.

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