32 More Stunning Scandinavian Dining Rooms

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A dining room can be the crown jewel of a home. It’s where guests gather for carefully prepared meals, where friends tend to linger during special gatherings, and where the family comes together to discuss important matters of the day. Nordic countries treat this space as the heart of the home where family snuggles up to a hot meal next to the people they love most. This post contains 32 gorgeous Scandinavia themed dining rooms in a variety of styles, from rustic country charm to streamlined modern minimalism. Endless Scandinavian-inspired dining room inspiration awaits.

Source: IKEA  

Our first dining room is perhaps the most accessible, as most of the furniture and decor comes from IKEA. The black dining chairs are from the Esbjörn collection, and the wing chair in the background is part of the Strandmon line.

Visualizer: Victor Serdobintsev   

This dining room brightens its modernistic grayscale interior with a set of curvaceous Wishbone chairs, an iconic style by the famous Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner.

Visualizer: Annete Manuilova  

Bold wood paneling marks the transition from the carpeted living room to this distinctive dining room, cheered up by bright pops of yellow throughout.

Visualizer: Nicolas Jouslin   

Minimalistic and outfitted in simple eggshell white, this dining room draws attention to its dining arrangement exclusively. The table feels welcoming with its light and warm wood tones. Giancarlo Piretti designed the translucent folding chairs in 1967 and they remain just as much of a modern masterpiece today.

Visualizer: Pascal Faller   

Simple, monochromatic, and just warm enough to keep guests gathered around for conversation after a heavy meal.

Visualizer: Alex Koretsky  

This dining arrangement keeps things extra low profile to preserve emphasis on the incredible window view. The unfinished wood legs are perhaps the most substantial part of the arrangement but blend seamlessly into the light floor below them.

Visualizer: SUN World   

Classic leather furniture stands out from its backdrop of minimalistic white surfaces. The dining chairs exhibit the best combination of modern form and classic materials, while the butterfly lounge chair in the back stands alone as an icon of mid-century design.

Visualizer: Yarko Kushta   

Here, both sets of dining chairs represent the work of Danish designers. Hans Wegner designed the seating in the foreground, and the taller chairs against the wall are the work of Arne Jacobsen. The rest of the room takes strong cues from the chic and dressed styles attributed to Scandinavian interiors.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

Galvanized steel chairs have remained popular all over the world, and certainly made their mark in the Scandinavian design scenes as well. Here, they join a traditional table setup surrounded by pristine modern materials.

Designer: ReFL Studio  

Bright, spacious, and open – this dining room combines a traditionally inspired spindle back dining chair with a collection of Eames seats.

Visualizer: Kaan Kılıçay   

This dining room takes on a decidedly modern aesthetic, paired with contemporary composite materials and perfectly coordinated dining furniture.

Visualizer: Nguyen Phan   

Within this classic kitchen, Scandinavian-designed chairs help establish a solid identity. The dip-painted chairs are the work of Michael Thonet, and the accent chair at the head of the table is a classic Scandinavian style.

Architect: NORM Architects  

More classic Wishbone chairs soften this ultra-minimalistic dining room with a touch of organic flair. The lamp is a rather famous IKEA piece from the Maskros line.

Visualizer: INT2 Architecture  

Charismatic artwork and eclectic chairs give this simple grayscale dining room a distinctive personality. The half-painted chair offers a design project to try over the weekend – a brush and a can of paint is all you need.

Visualizer: Orange Graphics  

Geometric chairs (by Konstantin Grcic) bring this modernist dining room in line with one of today’s most imitated trends.

Visualizer: Kaan Kılıçay  

Here’s another dining room that utilizes the amazing galvanized chairs by Xavier Pauchard – this time, they blend seamlessly with the grayscale theme surrounding the natural wood-and-white table.

Visualizer: INT2  

Fun coffee diagrams and a plus-shaped wallpaper pattern add tremendous charm to this candid dining room visualization.

Visualizer: Orange Graphics  

Hee Welling designed these smooth dining chairs at his studio in Copenhagen. The pendant light is the result of collaboration between Bertjan Pot (based in the Netherlands) & Marcel Wanders.

Visualizer: Thomas Deffet  

This dining room is tucked into the cozy kitchen area, gently illuminated by a pair of coral-tinted pendant lights.

Visualizer: Mohamad Fawzi  

Very stylish! This Scandinavian-inspired dining space incorporates dark wood and crimson accents as a powerful counterbalance to the smooth white surfaces employed throughout.

Designer: Kingston Lafferty Design  

Chairs by Verner Panton and Hans Wegner represent the Nordic design philosophy quite well. Painted table legs and coordinating Eames chairs help tie the aesthetic together.

Visualizer: Fabryka Wnętrz  

Concert posters infuse this dining room with the personality of the owner, set against a backdrop of smooth wood paneling.

Visualizer: Diffuse Virtual   

Distressed surfaces and modern materials come together in a fascinating duel of styles. Blue and yellow accents draw the eye to the works of art – both printed and functional – found throughout the open layout.

Visualizer: Andrey Marchenko  

If you’re going for Scandinavian influence, it’s hard to go wrong with white walls and natural wood tones. This dining room mixes things up a little with a dark gray wall. The chairs are from the Merano collection by Alex Gufler.

Visualizer: Bruno Tarsia   

The vaulted ceiling and mix of classic chair styles takes this eclectic dining arrangement to the next level.

Visualizer: AIM Studio   

Open cabinetry brings to mind Nordic kitchens in a big way. Here, they echo the strong lines of the cabinetry and the over-table cantilever lamp.

Visualizer: Sergey Harenko  

Note the small nod to the ubiquitous hunting trophy on the upper left shelves – with a few twigs and an appropriate base, this little accessory would make for a fun weekend project.

Visualizer: Bartosz Domiczek & Szymon Tworz  

Tucked into a corner under a breathtaking skylight, this dining setup really embraces and elevates the Nordic sunny interior style.

Visualizer: Trung-Chung Nguyễn  

Wainscoting, reclaimed box shaped shelves, and button-handled cabinetry give this kitchen and dining room a warm and traditional appeal.

Visualizer: Blackhaus Studio  

Gorgeous! This dining room demonstrates the transformative power of light and shadow on warm wood surfaces.

Visualizer: Daniel Reuterswärd  

This dining room incorporates furniture from a number of Scandinavian designers. The list of stars includes Anre Jacobsen’s Drop Chair and Wegner’s CH33 chair, mixed in with a little mood lighting by Søren Rose.

Visualizer: Evermotion  

The final dining room aligns with its angled window to utilize the maximum amount of light possible.

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