8 Striking Bedrooms With Distinct Personalities

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Many people prefer to play it safe with decoration in the living room or other public-facing areas, often just to make sure the theme is appealing to a variety of guests with unique tastes and preferences. But private bedrooms are a little different – each one is a sanctuary, a place to relax and dream. Bedrooms are one of the few places a guest doesn’t necessarily expect to see during a tour, so residents can feel free to experiment with bolder and more creative bedroom styles. They’re the perfect canvas for personal expression, where obscure motifs look right at home. Let these gorgeous bedroom examples inspire exploration.

Designer: Room Design  

Let’s start with something dark, dramatic, and beautiful. This bedroom certainly doesn’t shy away from making a big impression with strong accent colors and rich unconventional textures.

Black interior themes are growing in popularity (in any room in the house) but it’s especially practical in the bedroom where a darker atmosphere practically beckons restful sleep.

On the other side of the room, materials take on a more subdued role to help direct attention toward the chandelier and the spectacular skyline behind it.

While most of the other lighting choices remain subtle, the Agnes chandelier by Lindsey Adelman serves as an eye-catching focal point.

Vanities have a way of revealing a lot about its owner. Despite its simplicity, even this one features a readily identifiable disposition – practical and chic, with a touch of fearlessness.

Visualizer: Michel Leyraud  

Neutrals are generally the go-to choice for people who want a simple or minimalistic aesthetic, but this bedroom shows how a subdued color theme can readily enhance the significance of the underlying design choices.

For example, the olive green accents help draw attention to the bedroom’s communication with the patio and the outdoors beyond.

Here, round pendant lights and curvaceous vases punctuate the room’s rectilinear theme – a great display of contrast that might have been lost in a busier or more colorful space.

Visualizer: LifeArch  

Inspired by spacecraft, this futuristic space packs tons of personality. While the individual design elements used within are relatively common (like the expansive white surfaces and mirrored panels), their application here is incredibly inventive and imaginative.

Round features like the bed and the hoop pendants fracture into strong illuminated lines that run down the walls at intervals.

Mirrored walls make the space feel almost infinite, reflecting the social areas, geometric wall panels, or spectacular urban view in turns.

Visualizer: Andrii Ortynskyi   

Strong texture and striking artwork set the stage for this bedroom’s breathtaking atmosphere. Despite its industrial material theme, the space feels comfortable and inviting, an effect enhanced by warm yellow lights against a decidedly cool palette.

Rather than just serving as an accent, even the furniture and accessories make use of a rugged texture to complete the overarching theme.

Here’s a nice simulation of how the angle and quality of sunlight affects the bedroom’s ambiance. When viewed this way, the grainy surfaces become even more dynamic.

Visualizer: Yuliya Rastorguyeva  

It’s easy to appreciate the way this truly beautiful bedroom accomplishes a smart and modernistic aesthetic out of gorgeous classical features like tall boiserie, intricate crown molding, chevron floors, and the glimmer of polished chrome accents.

A grand headboard upholstered in smoky blue brings life to the cool gray tones used throughout the room, especially noticeable in the millwork. Natural neutrals bring the atmospheric color palette back to earth.

What a light and free approach to luxury! Some may consider the in-room freestanding tub to be the crown jewel of this design – it would be difficult not to let the mind wander while taking in that woodland view.

Even the perfectly contemporary accessories seem to adapt to their traditionally inspired environment with ease. The wonderful Tribeca Franklin chandelier by Søren Rose is a great example.

Designer: Maxim Nichikov  

Here’s something a quite different from the rest – this bedroom stands out with a red color theme that feels soft and powerful at the same time. Color psychology brings to mind thoughts of energy and passion, very suitable terms to associate with this unique space.

Decoration remains minimal and allows the curated accessories to make an even bigger impression. The aptly named Lingua typographic wall clock catches the eye with ease.

Have you noticed the unique ceiling details yet? Here, a portion drops down to inch the lighting a little closer to the bed.

A large decal featuring the Ferrari 458 Speciale takes the classic bedroom car poster to the next level. Plus, it does a great job of camouflaging the sliding closet doors.

Architect: Alexey Gulesha  
Designer: Alexey Gulesha  

Some may consider minimalism to be one of the most straightforward design principals, but every minimalistic space has its own attitude and style. This bedroom weaves natural wood tones and cool grays together to create an uncomplicated yet comfortable refuge.

A singular yellow chair energizes the room, its pale color brightened by the background of steel blue.

Visualizer: Harun Kaymaz   

Wow! This remarkable bedroom makes a creative statement with angular furniture and geometric themes. Its uncommon color palette and unconventional furniture choices are unforgettable, and its bravery is extremely inspiring.

Every surprising detail prompts the eye to continue its exploration of the space, and each second glance reveals something new.

By eschewing the typical squared rug alignment, this arrangement fosters an exciting sense of movement and intensity.

Patricia Urquiola’s iconic Husk chair suits the geometric theme wonderfully.

With the charming addition of this practical table lamp, it’s clear that the dark wood accents don’t stop at the major furniture pieces. This bedroom takes coordination seriously.

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