6 Master Suits to Inspire You

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A master suite is your retreat. Where you rest your feet after a long day – curl up with a good book, or flick through the tv channels until you fall asleep. This space is more than a bed, it’s reflective of who you are. Here, we’ve put together 6 very different but equally stunning bedrooms that we’re sure will inspire you to revamp your space. It’s time to make your master suite your own – so scroll through, take some ideas, and run with them.

Visualizer: Olia Paliichuk  

The herringbone floors are a wonderful feminine touch in this space – and we love how the soft pink wall in the back reflects the undertones in the wood.

This space is clean, airy, and minimal. The tv stand is white and with clean lines, and the lamp is also very minimalistic. This really allows for the focus of the room to stay on the wood walls, flooring, and those giant windows.

The green rug is a great pop of color. This is a wonderful way to reenergize a space – a splash of color adds freshness and can revive some of your older pieces.

And take a look at this bathroom. We love the tile-work – which is also familiar and feminine like the bedroom space.

From here you can see that incredible soaker tub – and you can barely see that stunning glass show enclosure. It keeps the room nice and wide open and lets some of that warm light bounce off the surface.

Architect: Martin Architects  
Designer: Olia Paliichuk  

This space relaxes you the moment you walk in with soft lighting, an airy feel, and beautiful finishes.

One of our favorite finishes in the room is on the walls – this beautiful texture that looks cracked and dripping paint is subtle yet a statement piece. We love how the light interacts with it, and how the chartreuse in the rug pops against the gray undertones.

We love the hanging lamps over the bedside tables. They are simple and have a bit of an industrial feel which really plays off the walls nicely.

We love the creation of nooks in this bedroom space. Whether it’s the nook that surrounds the bed, this reading area by the window, or that tucked away little vanity in the corner. They’ve gotten very creative with the space at hand.

This wonderful tile variation mimics that in the bedroom – and we love it. Very zen and relaxing.

The rest of the bathroom is clean and simple. We love how the vanity is minimalist and these big round sinks become the focal point.

While much of this space is geometric they’ve broken it down and made it softer with the round lamps, mirrors, and sinks.

Visualizer: I Max Studio  

Now this is a master suite. This room is absolutely decadent – from the plush furnishings to the gold flanked walls, and the massive gold leaf mirror.

Modern and opulent – this room ties in the old world charm of gold and brocade pattern with the geometric headboard, and minimalist bedside tables and dresser.

Besides the gold, this room is quite muted and subtle. From the gray-washed walls to the purple curtains and white accents – everything is light and airy.

Architect: VAVO Studio  
Visualizer: Olmo Vlahovljak  

This place is very modern and minimalistic – and we love it. They’ve even ditched the idea of having shelves or even a dresser to hold some of the rooms details up – like the vase of the frame with candles. Instead they’ve opted for the floor, and we have to say – it works.

The painting, flanked by two bulbs with red hardware, is the focal point of the room. The bed is quite subdued and the white walls and just a canvas.

We love how the low to the ground bed is met with these objects on the floor. Everything about this room is very accessible and comfortable – despite being ultra modern. The approachability is refreshing.

Visualizer: Sequoia Design Studio  

The panels in this room are extraordinary. We love how they’re cut into different shapes, and how some are backlit. It adds a surprise element to the room, and warms it up.

The walls are a rich brown with this golden undertone, but the rest of the room is quite cool. The contrasting color pallet makes this space airy yet cozy.

The natural light pouring into the space is phenomenal. It brightens the entire room -which from here looks like a totally different space than when you look at the bed head on.

And finally – a closet you can only dream of. Spacious, organized, and filled with light – this would be the perfect place to get ready for the day ahead.

Visualizer: Lê Hoàng Nhật Nam  

This room is masculine yet comfortable – with plush finishes and cool colors, this master retreat is a great place to kick back and relax.

We love the lighting here at night – it’s got almost a purple-pink hue to it, and it really adds some dimension to this otherwise cool toned space.

During the day the natural light totally fills this room. We love how crisp and white the walls and shade are -because the blues and grays really pop off of it.

This lounge at the end of the bed looks super comfortable for reading a book, or just getting ready in the morning. Plus, it looks very sharp and we love how the lines mimic the accent wall in the back.

The closet space is roomy – and we love the built in shelf next to it, and besides the bedside table. It’s a great place to store your books or any treasures from your travels.

Looking towards the bed this room looks quite colorful, but looking out you see how those crisp white walls bounce all of that natural light back into the space.

It’s in the details. From the linens to the rug this space was designed down to the very last vase.

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