4 Luxury Bedrooms With Unique Wall Details

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s in this special space that you put your feet up after a long day, and it’s where you prepare for the day ahead. Your bedroom should reflect your personality, but it should also reflect your needs. Comfort, style, and organization are all important elements for your bedroom suite. So, check out these six very different, but equally stunning bedrooms for some serious bedroom inspiration. Revamp your space with some of the same design tricks and storage solutions utilized by these inspiring designers, and soon you’ll think you’re dreaming because your space is so perfect.

Visualizer: Lada Kamyshanskii  

We’re obsessed with this wall storage solution. You often see entire closet spaces take up a wall of a bedroom, but here they’ve done it a bit differently by adding an open space to act as a dresser top. A perfect spot to place your books, perfume, or a vase full of flowers.

The neutral color pallet makes this bedroom feel cozy and warm even against the stark white sheets and cabinets.

This reflective glass wall is a stunner. It adds dimension, reflects light, and it’s warm chocolate color warms up the entire space.

The warm wood that encompasses the rest of the room is brought into the boudoirs table top to continue the continuity of the space.

Visualizer: Omar Essam   

Take a look at this stunning master suite with an attached bathroom, closet space, and even a sun and reading nook.

The bed is obviously center-stage of this master suite. It’s surrounded by a lovely large headboard that serves as storage and lighting.

The glass wall of the bathroom lets some of that beautiful natural light leak into the space. The blurred lines on the glass add not only a design element to the space, but a bit of privacy for the bathroom.

Talk about master suite! This room boasts a large beautiful tv, a wonderfully designed and integrated mini fridge, and beautiful shelling and storage space.

Swivel the tv around so you can take a nice shower or bath and watch your favorite show. Pure luxury!

Another great aspect of this room is the wonderful little reading nook by the window.

The nook’s right off the closet so you can sit there and mull over which outfit to wear that day, or cozy up with a good book at the end of the day.

The two toned closet is both sleek and functional. A great way to add a bit of design to your boring closet fronts.

Always wanted a walk in closet, but don’t have the space in the wall? If your room is big enough, just section an entire part off and fill it with shelves!

Floating shelves next to a tall mirror creates the perfect space to accessorize and choose your outfit for the day.

This bathroom is elegant with these neutral, long, and dark tiles.

The dark tiles work in this space because natural light filters into the space from the rest of the bedroom.

The bedroom is maximized in this space, they’ve thought of everything!

Designer: Vlad Kislenko  

This feminine and plush space is the perfect place to plop down with a matching glass of rosé after a long day.

This space is decadent. The wonderful blush colors are brought out by the red undertones in the wood, and this accented grayish-purple table. Fresh flowers also always add elegance to a space.

Texture, texture, texture! The tufted headboard, the silk curtains, the velvet duvet, and the shag carpet all compliment each other in this wonderfully peachy space.

Visualizer: Taleh Mehdisoy  

Talk about zen! This space is the perfect bedroom to pop down and relax. The giant yet neutral mural on the wall is reminiscent of a mandala, making the space feel very relaxing.

This fun geometric rug centers the room, and the light fixture and paintings hanging over the dresser compliment it wonderfully.

This bedrooms neutrals are light, airy, and the natural light seeping into the space highlights them.

This is a great tv solution that’s often overlooked. If you’ve got big beautiful windows, but also want a tv consider putting it on a stand so you move it easily, and so it doesn’t block those views.

Finally, check out this master bedrooms’ bathroom! It’s elegant and old world feel is complimented by the sleek modern tiles, fixtures, and that massive glass shower. Opposites attract!

Visualizer: Nikolay Yarin  

As if the headboard didn’t look incredible from the front, from the side you can see all it’s curves and protrusions. The warped wood going towards the ceiling and across it draws your eyes up and around the space. This makes you focus less on how small this room is, and more on it’s elements.

The color pallet is gray, but the wood in the bed frame and the headboard really warm up the space.

Don’t forget the bedding when you’re designing your bedroom. This plush comforter looks perfect for plopping on after a long day. The crisp white also looks beautiful against the shag rug and herringbone floors.

These industrial and brushed metal lights on the side tables are functional and stylish.

You can see the textured wall treatment up close here, and it’s stunning. Consider doing your own textured treatment in your bedroom to add some dimension to the space.

This lovely boudoir area almost blends into the walls completely, making this a cozy little area that doesn’t visually take up space, or take away from the other wonderful elements in this bedroom.

Architect: Inna Shapovalova   

This is a real ‘WOW’ space. The strong, tall lines of the canopy bed draw your eyes up towards the massive ceilings, and help frame that wonderful large window letting in tons of natural light. Canopy beds are perfect for big spaces, or bedrooms with tall ceilings.

The canopy bed is the centerpiece of this amazing bedroom. The clean lines are reflected in the rest of the rooms angular pieces, and it frames that backlit accent wall by the head of the bed.

The warm floors contrasted against a nice dark rug really make the light walls, and bedding pop. The rug also helps center the dark lines of the canopy bed.

The accent wall feature is also carried to the other side of the room, adding a sense of continuity. The warm wood brings an organic feel, and the grooves make it feel sleek and modern.

This reading nook is the perfect place to kick back with a new magazine and a hot coffee. Reading nooks are a great way to utilize that little bit of dead space in the bedroom, and can really help you take advantage of any natural light you get streaming into the space.

This dressing area is tidy, modern, and neutral. The full length mirror behind it reflects more of that beautiful natural light, and the dark wood table really pops against the light wood floors and accent wall.

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